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Pressure Washing Braselton

So you’ve decided to hire a Braselton power washing company for your property or business. However, you might be wondering how to find the best fit. After all, there are a lot of companies out there claiming to be the best. How do you really know who the best is for your business or home? It turns out, the answer lies in a few key points. If you can check all these off the list, the chances are that you’ve got professionals on your hands. If not, keep looking:

Are Their Braselton Pressure Washing Services Fast?

Any power washing company worth their salt should be quick to arrive to your property and perform the services when they have room in their schedule. Now, obviously you don’t want to confuse that with companies that will perform the job so fast they miss key areas and leave it looking poor. Instead, they should show a sense of urgency to solve your problem.

Do They Care About Your Property?

One of the keys that separates the best from the rest is Platinum Pressure Washing attention to detail. They should make sure they aren’t adding any damage to your property. For instance, paint and even roofing can be damaged with streams that are too strong. They should have knowledge and experience regarding how to prevent this from happening.

Are They Staying Safe?

A Pressure Washing company in Braselton needs to use the right gear. That’s not just for personal preference. It’s for safety. And it’s actually the law in most states. Plus, OSHA requires companies to use certain measures that keep workers from suffering injuries that could have been prevented in the first place. If they aren’t staying safe, they might not know what they’re doing. Plus, they could put you at risk. Speaking of which:

Are You Protected from Liability?

Power washing services in Braselton can put you in all kinds of trouble if you don’t do your research. Pressure washing professionals will have insurance. This keeps you out of the legal battles that could ensue if they are negligent and harm themselves while on your property. It’s simply not worth taking a risk on losing your house or business.

Do They Have a Good Reputation?

Does the power washing company in question have a good reputation? Do they have references, testimonials, and reviews? You should be able to see this pretty clearly once they respond to your request for some proof. If they can’t provide any, they might just be starting out. That’s not necessarily bad, but you would prefer someone with experience to prevent mistakes.

When it comes to finding out who to hire with your hard earned money, you always want the best you can get. Whether you are preparing your home to be sold or cleaning up your business to appeal to more customers, you need the expert Braselton pressure washing professionals you can trust, Platinum Pressure Washing. So don’t just wing it. That’s a recipe for disappointment. Instead, use the checklist above and you can have peace of mind that you’ve made the best decision possible.

What our customers are saying

Jacob and his helper were very informative and nice.  They were here when they were scheduled and did a beautiful job pressure washing the house, deck, front porch and driveway, They also cleaned the gutters. They left no mess behind and were very reasonably priced.  We would recommend Platinum Pressure Washing to anyone needing the service.  Thanks guys

Sue H.

Jacob was great from Platinum Pressure Washing LLC, he took the time to go over everything he was going to do and how. He was on time and the house looks great, thanks again Jacob!!

Scott B

Jacob and helper killed it today. Not only great service on walkway, driveway and back patio, he did the front (common) side walks for free! I highly recommend these guys- great pleasure doing business with ya’ll!

John G

Jacob was awesome! First he communicated very well, calling me to let me know when he was coming and when he got close. He protected my plants and covered everything that water could get into and damage; outdoor lights and electrical sockets. And my house and driveway look incredible!! Looks freshly painted!! Best part is the price is extremely reasonable!! Thank you, Jacob!

Pamela A